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anything, anything that was done poorly
that test sucked, i was a failure
that guy just cut me off, what a failure
by sacamano October 30, 2003
disappointment. Its really ah bitch, but for catholics who dont want to curse
aww bish!
by sacamano October 30, 2003
a description of one's self. On a scale how are you doing today?
Hey mom, im 100%
by sacamano October 30, 2003
1. a beautiful face is one that someone can wake up next to in the morning and still say, "wow you're hot!"
2. a beautiful body is one that is completly disproportionate, to where the chest is much larger than the waist, and the ass(round) and legs(muscular, but not too muscular) are perfectly smooth...and no cellulite
3. hair color can be important too...can't go wrong with blond, unless you want an intelligent beauty.
star jones is not beautiful.
any woman in playboy is beautiful
by sacamano October 27, 2003
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