Failure is a real awesome Epic 0wnage (E0!) member. He used to be a pump shotty noob in Counter-Strike:Source, but has developed into an amazing CSS player. He is also a generous donator to the E0 clan.
Failure, despite his name is a great CSS player.
by e0stryker February 25, 2009
synonomous for cocaine, or the usage of cocaine.
"i achieved failure last night."
"you guys wanna fail?"
"i haven't failed in a few minutes. can we bump up again? please?!"
"so much failure."
by tod June 15, 2003
Graduates of the University of Pittsburgh.
"Dude, that group of guys went to Pitt. What a bunch of failures."

by Adam & James April 10, 2006
to fail at something
dont be a failure like steve jobs providing us with a mp3 player, it olny works when you take a shit on it, it likes the shizer
by stevejobs is satan May 25, 2007
1. One who can't link properly; Sega Slayer.

2. One who hates Sega; aka an EA Buttplug.
wordSEGAword OLOL!O!L!L1

by MMBKG September 08, 2003
The nintendo revolution controller.
Do they really expect us to use that?! It's going to be such a failure.
by froth September 15, 2005

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