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synonomous for cocaine, or the usage of cocaine.
"i achieved failure last night."
"you guys wanna fail?"
"i haven't failed in a few minutes. can we bump up again? please?!"
"so much failure."
by tod June 15, 2003
5 13
Failure is a real awesome Epic 0wnage (E0!) member. He used to be a pump shotty noob in Counter-Strike:Source, but has developed into an amazing CSS player. He is also a generous donator to the E0 clan.
Failure, despite his name is a great CSS player.
by e0stryker February 25, 2009
0 9
Graduates of the University of Pittsburgh.
"Dude, that group of guys went to Pitt. What a bunch of failures."

by Adam & James April 10, 2006
8 20
to fail at something
dont be a failure like steve jobs providing us with a mp3 player, it olny works when you take a shit on it, it likes the shizer
by stevejobs is satan May 25, 2007
2 15
1. One who can't link properly; Sega Slayer.

2. One who hates Sega; aka an EA Buttplug.
wordSEGAword OLOL!O!L!L1

by MMBKG September 08, 2003
3 16
The nintendo revolution controller.
Do they really expect us to use that?! It's going to be such a failure.
by froth September 15, 2005
4 27