The art of being a faggot.
Whoa that guy could give lessons in faggotry
by raekwonthechef April 18, 2014
Overly theatrical, whiney, effeminate behavior
He said he can't fuck this girl becaus it will mess up his circadian rhythm. Now that's some faggotry right there.
by afonsopederneiras March 14, 2016

Pronunciation Faggatray
Meaning complete bullshit at its finest
Ghetto nigga shit is fucked up
Teacher: class test on units 1-5 tommrow

Student: *leans over* man this pure faggotry I didn't even know we had units

Friend I can't come tommrow

Me: so much faggotry in your life
by Saggy Pete April 16, 2014
Faggotry is the practice of any action which could lead to being labeled a fag.
At the supermarket I decided to do some faggotry and flashed the the butcher and two cooks.
by Kakisho January 13, 2012
term used to describe the situation where you are unable to find a sour skittle you've dropped on the ground before the expiration of the 6-seconds rule.
Oh shit! 6-second rule! Shiiit...I will not stand for this faggotry!
by Skydromakk March 10, 2011
derivative of; Faggot
Root Word: Fag
Acting like a fag
Jeremy is being accused of faggotry.
by blingbling1994 June 22, 2010
The definition of Faggotry is a emo faggot from canada named Nigel.
Nigel puts the faggot in faggotry
by PaulRyan April 06, 2012
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