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A non-liniar criminal charge, presented only in the dumbest of drivers.
he totally deserves a charge of faggotry. and probably another charge of double faggotry, you know the semi related charge to faggotry
by Messika JcPike November 30, 2010
A description of one's level of gayness.
"dude, your faggotry is off the scales!"
by alwhin jr. October 24, 2005
the practice of being gay
The men were practing faggotry.
by Caroline February 28, 2005
Usually called when a bullshit kill is made in a video-game, or somebody is being an idiot.
"Omg, see those hax? I declare faggotry!"
by Lazarus Shadow April 08, 2008
the act or behavior of a faggot. action with gay intention. fairy-like behavior that can be construed as homosexual.
statement: "I demand that you stop this faggotry at once!"
reaction: "yo, what the fuck is up with the faggotry all of a sudden."
question: "so do you intend to resort ot faggotry to get a promotion?"
by megachaos March 16, 2007
Relating to actions associated with being a gay bitch, without the actual homosexuality part. a particularly common trait among the overzealous and/or melodramatic
Don't commit acts of faggotry.
by random_guy October 23, 2004
1) Of or pertaining to the activities of a gay man.
2) Ridiculous, stupid, or annoying behavior, often resulting in headaches or the urge to kill small children.
1) Male 1: "Hey, wanna fuck?"
Male 2: "I will not engage in such faggotry."

2) Person one jumps out at person two, yelling obscenities and racial slangs while whirling their arms around, hardcore-style.
Person 2: "Did I ask for your faggotry?"
by Ellie, Eixem Immaculate. September 03, 2008