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Stands literally for the verbage 'Turn Table Fucked'. Used as the past tense form of FYTT.

Commonly used when removes you from the DJ stage unannounced. Often times you don't even know until the current song is over.
We were all royally TTF'd today during Orianthi.
by THEdickhatch September 27, 2011
That's the fuck.

For use after someone asks "WTF?"
Person 1: Dude, WTF?
Person 2: Beer, TTF.
by NYCJDMF December 17, 2009
That's That Fat Stuff
When you DRINK the leftover barbecue sauce...TTFS.

When you take a doggie bag home from an all-you-can-eat buffet...TTFS
by dreaneor September 21, 2010
Titty Text Fuck. Sending a picture of your tits via SMS for a guy to virtually titty-fuck.
Guy1: Dude, check these out.

Guy2: Wait, did she send this to you as part of some TTF action?

Guy1: Yes

Guy2: Awesome, forward that shit to me.
by kiwi83 March 17, 2010
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