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Excessive ornamentation in visual design that interferes with communication instead of enhancing it.
"Too much design faggotry. It gets in the way of communicating the idea."
by johnson October 24, 2003
One who post names or proper nouns on urbandictionary.com.
People who post 'George Bush', 'Hitler', 'Saddam', 'K-Mart', 'McDonald's', etc. display faggotry.
by L33t Pr0digy January 15, 2004
A term used to describe something that one believes "stupid" or "lame" usually not even having to do with any sort of homosexuality, but just as a dumb insult used for trolling.

Most people who use this term are normally insecure drugged-up Death Metal fans who have nothing to do but sit in internet chat rooms and troll.
IRC example:

Chatter: I have a new cat, he is so cute :3

Troll: Take your faggotry elsewhere.
by SinisterL April 23, 2010
of or pertaining to France or French culture.
1.) I appreciate cirque du soleil's celebration of faggotry.

2.) Montreal would be cool if it weren't for all the faggotry.

3.) France's Olympic team arrived donning their traditional faggotry.
by 0racle April 11, 2011
1.Faggot-like version of bigotry, usually acted out by a person whinning like a spoiled rich person that gets their way all the time or a religious extremist who can't stand being told that they are wrong and can't handle opposition.

2. the act of being a complete and ignorant ass hole who has the inability to draw their own conclusion.
sane black man: you hebrew israelites need to stop preaching your faggotry.

hebrew israelite: Stop worshiping the white devil you cracka lover or i'll cry like a little bitch.

spoiled rich white person: white people aren't devils "sniff sniff" it's you black people haven't your heard of the curse of Cain.

hebrew israelite: Cain was turned white you leperous devil im right and your wrong.

sane black man: you guys are idiots, where is the proof of what your saying.

hebrew israelite: I just flip through the Bible twisting Gods words around and making my own interpretations that have spoonfed to be by the Elders.

sane black man: Thats what i thought nothing but faggotry.
by ApacheWarrior November 14, 2009
The art of being a faggot.
Whoa that guy could give lessons in faggotry
by raekwonthechef April 18, 2014