1.Faggot-like version of bigotry, usually acted out by a person whinning like a spoiled rich person that gets their way all the time or a religious extremist who can't stand being told that they are wrong and can't handle opposition.

2. the act of being a complete and ignorant ass hole who has the inability to draw their own conclusion.
sane black man: you hebrew israelites need to stop preaching your faggotry.

hebrew israelite: Stop worshiping the white devil you cracka lover or i'll cry like a little bitch.

spoiled rich white person: white people aren't devils "sniff sniff" it's you black people haven't your heard of the curse of Cain.

hebrew israelite: Cain was turned white you leperous devil im right and your wrong.

sane black man: you guys are idiots, where is the proof of what your saying.

hebrew israelite: I just flip through the Bible twisting Gods words around and making my own interpretations that have spoonfed to be by the Elders.

sane black man: Thats what i thought nothing but faggotry.
by ApacheWarrior November 14, 2009
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A negative term applied to something homosexual in nature. It typically applies to homosexual stereotypes, such as men who perform in Broadway musicals.
No, I will not let you anally fist me. I don't participate in such faggotry.
by Dick Longley March 05, 2003
word of origin faggot
1 noun; usually disparaging but not necessarily a homosexual. see also gayness
2 adjective; usually disparaging but not necessarily homosexual. see also gayness
Did you see the gay pride parade?...Pure faggotry.
I have no beer left and you wont give me a ride to the store?...Pure faggotry.
by Vincent Vinyard December 06, 2006
(n) When something is so gay it surpasses just saying "Dude, thats gay." would be changed to "Dude, thats some faggotry right there!"
"Dude, look at the shirt that polesmoker is wearing. Thats some fuckin faggotry there!"
by Ben L. June 15, 2004
Overly theatrical, whiney, effeminate behavior

see Fagatronics
I grow weary of all your faggotry .
by DB January 13, 2005
1.) A term used to describe deviant (usually clandestine) sexual events between (some) clergymen amongst themselves, and at times with young boys; usually used in conjunction with elaborate cover-ups, scheming, outright denial, no shame, and the "Priestly Collar of Silence"

2.) See "Lavender Mafia"
1.) WOW! Kiddie-diddlers unite! That was a gallant display of faggotry by the bishop, on his OWN behalf by hiring that coke-whore for $800 a day for the last four months. Too bad the crumbling cathedral has had scaffolding and police tape around it since 1997. What an eyesore! At least he got to stroke his own ego with his wanton display of gayness.

2.) With much faggotry, Old Mother Hubbard sat in her cupboard, munching away on a Clark bar.
by TheGrandInquisitor December 21, 2004
A noun used to call something faggy. Used when wanting to sound like you're speaking Olde English and slang at the same time. Often followed by the use of shut up.
Example 1:

Person 1: Homework on Christmas? What is this faggotry?

Person 2: Shut up...

Example 2:

Person 1: Yo man they closed down the mall...


Person 3: Shut up...
by Dead Woman Walking October 28, 2008
1. The art of being homosexual

2. Used to describe a situation that might be deemed "gay
1. You guys are having gay sex in my room, what faggotry!

2. Stephanie, the situations you put me through, now that is some hardcore faggotry
by Chris March 22, 2005

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