A noun used to call something faggy. Used when wanting to sound like you're speaking Olde English and slang at the same time. Often followed by the use of shut up.
Example 1:

Person 1: Homework on Christmas? What is this faggotry?

Person 2: Shut up...

Example 2:

Person 1: Yo man they closed down the mall...


Person 3: Shut up...
by Dead Woman Walking October 28, 2008
Common slang used in the "interwebz". Used almost exclusively among the nerd's on the "interwebz" to describe an action or comment among their peers. Most common among mic chatting.
Nerd 1: *Abuses unlimited ammo*

Nerd 2: "Stop your faggotry"

Nerd 1: *Sings Tenacious D - Wonder Boy*

Nerd 2 : "Stop your faggotry"
by BeanEqualsEcstasy September 20, 2010
The affliction that drives people to invent stupid words to add to the Urban Dictionary.
Any word no one would use on a day-to-day basis is the product of faggotry.
by Kosmo Cramer May 15, 2011
When someone tries to troll/start bitch fitting at you, that is a faggotry.

Me: Sorry, I do not approve of your faggotry.

Dane/Hayley: IM NOT A FAGGOT!!!!!!!!

Me: You are one now..!
by crackalackaboom May 16, 2010
A term or slang created first by the "kids in the hall" to describe someone of the homosexual persuasion...

also used to bust your friends balls when he does something really stupid IE gay

Usually has nothing to do with actual gayness just good for ball busting your friends.
You my friend have been tried and convicted of faggotry.

He had wood in the boys locker room and was tried by a jury of his peers. They found him guilty on 9 counts of faggotry.
by jayak November 07, 2004
1. The practice employed by gothfags with fags.
2. The tree upon which fags are plucked and replanted to create new Fagotries.
3. An oracle for rotweiller smugglers.
Gothfags always make sure the Faggotry continues to grow.

I was given a Faggotry for my fifteenth birthday snf I planted it in soil.

Jessus bless this faggotry for it will reep many FAgs for future Gothfags.
by TactWhiteberry June 09, 2011
Relating to anything homophobic, full of homophobia etc.
Dude did you see those phobes with the anti gay signs?

YEAH I was like WTF assholes get out of here with your faggotry!

I know and they wrote "God Hatez Fags" wow they even hate themselves!
by Chips & Salsa November 09, 2009
The amount of gayness received off of a person's attitude/demeanor
Adam Lambert's faggotry is of great amount.
by Jorgee1106 December 17, 2009
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