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Basically saying, "thats stupid"... Something you dont like.
A: The teacher wouldnt let me finish my test.
B: Well that's gay.

A: My mom wont let me go out tonight, sorry.
B: Ugh, that's gay.

A: My sister took my favorite jeans.
B: That's gay
by Fairy Princess November 01, 2007
179 92
Phrase used to signify a stupid, unwanted, or weird idea.
Fred: Let's all dress as cats for hallowenn!

Sam: Dude, that's gay.
by hatersgonhatee November 01, 2010
52 33
Some people say "that's gay" or "you're gay" as an insult to heterosexual people or other events. If you are one of those people, brace yourself, you're in for a shock.

"Gay" isn't a synonym to: stupid, weird, uncool, wrong, sucks, stinks, or any other insult like that.

Saying "that's gay" is basically saying "Look at me! I'm ignorant, insensitive and close-minded!"

The same goes for "retarded"
Guy 1: "My parents grounded me. Ugh"
Guy 2: "Man! That's gayyyyy!"
Girl: "Idiots."
by OMFGNERDFTW January 05, 2010
118 178