1) Of or pertaining to the activities of a gay man.
2) Ridiculous, stupid, or annoying behavior, often resulting in headaches or the urge to kill small children.
1) Male 1: "Hey, wanna fuck?"
Male 2: "I will not engage in such faggotry."

2) Person one jumps out at person two, yelling obscenities and racial slangs while whirling their arms around, hardcore-style.
Person 2: "Did I ask for your faggotry?"
by Ellie, Eixem Immaculate. September 03, 2008
An act of gayness, homosexuality
Aj W. commits faggotry every day with his boyfriend jeremey
by Logan999 April 18, 2007
(adj.)-the description of a homosexual act
Bob sees two men kissing and says, "Yo dog, that is faggotry."
by kalashbolov April 06, 2009
The art of labeling one a faggot; the practice of humiliating an individual through the use of an audience; to faggot someone.
Joe's comment on Bebo's unearthly fetish for obese black women was absolute faggotry!
by Joe October 26, 2004
An adjective meaning something is so stupid or gay that it pisses you off
That spy kids movie was faggotry
by ragbag July 17, 2004
a NOUN describing homosexual actions as described by GG ALLIN
"i ain't got no problem with faggotry"
by SQUASHFUKLER July 19, 2003
the art of being in a heterosexual relationship, but conveying homosexual attributes
"Jason may have a girlfriend Anna, but he is such a faggotry"
by Elka G March 07, 2008

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