Verb. To faggle is the act of looking at one of the same sex with lust and desire. Usually practiced by fags.
Joey, who recently became costume designer for Girl Goes Runway magazine, was caught giving Ricardo (a fellow fag) quite the faggle.
by asphyxcloud March 16, 2007
used in the movie Superbad, combination of fag and asshole, but just jokin around, not meant to degrade gay ppl
Seth: (from Superbad) I fucking know that Faggle!
Greg: Shut the hell up faggle.
by Jonathan Shaw March 02, 2008
A term used to describe a faggot and or a fag+baggle.

To be a faggle one must first prove to be a faggot and or a fag+baggle. It's obviousy how to do so, just sleep with men and or with baggles.

Tom: You're such a faggle!

Joe: That's not what your baggle said last night!!!
by Razor7 June 21, 2006
as with a gaggle of geese...a good fag hag has a faggle, or group of gay men with whom she spends her time
the faggle and i are going out for drinks- wanna join us?
by popples June 29, 2005

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