A word slightly less degrading than faggot. Used as a friendly way to insult someone.
Brad: Do we have practice today?

Zach: Yes faggle
by AntiTemoc December 05, 2011
The type of person who tends to be a flamer but on a whole other level. One of those really Metro-Queer kids at school you want to hit for no apparent reason

"Hey Faggles, shut your mouth before I Bush Doctrine my foot up your ass."
by John Soupdick September 24, 2008
The coolest bitch at ASU. She rages harder than you will ever imagine. Does it better than the girl of your dreams. And gets really happy when big pickles come her way. She is irreplacable, and can not be repeated.
Oh hey did you hang out with the Faggle last night?
No the Faggle is way too cool for me she always has plans.
Well thats a Faggle for you.

Did the Faggle live up to the rumors?
Oh the Faggle surpassed them.
by Faggle lover December 08, 2010
Some one who likes to shaggle a man up the bummle.
Benedict is a faggle.
by juukeox October 15, 2010
This word is the collective noun for a group of smokers.
There is a faggle of mums outside the school gates again.

I'd like to leave the restaurant but i'm not looking forward to fighting my way through the faggle.
by aceypacey June 12, 2010
When someone is being obnoxiously gay or annoying.
Damn, Sebastian! Can you stop being a fucking faggle and grow the fuck up? You're so immature, and annoying!
by Fagglett May 13, 2010
a person, or group of persons, containing obnoxiously loud, unattractive, ari loving, immature children. Who also think that they are 'the shit'. They are in fact wrong because everyone surrounding them hates them and wishes death upon them.
Jack Vaclavek is such a major faggle.


Man the flippin Jack Vaclavek, what a faggle.


Ah hecky naw, that faggle, Jack Vaclavek, just touched me, he's gettin his bootay kicked tonight.
by jacklongg December 23, 2009
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