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The definition of faggle is not a gay person. It is the person that everyone secretly loves to hate. It's the person who comes in grumpy in the morning, and is super happy by lunch. A faggle is the person who thinks they know everything and are AWESOME at everything, when really they are not cool at all, hence why they are a faggle. The name faggle has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation, ONLY the attitude and demeanor of the person. A faggle is the definition of the person you keep around for entertainment, not friendship, a Faggle is someone you make fun of in front of them by calling them a faggle and them not getting it.
Whether it be at work or school or any other function, a faggle is the one person you pretend to like but secretly hate. I found mine in the workplace, he works a cubicle over and is a total faggle.
by Fidget1022 August 18, 2009

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