The definition of faggle is not a gay person. It is the person that everyone secretly loves to hate. It's the person who comes in grumpy in the morning, and is super happy by lunch. A faggle is the person who thinks they know everything and are AWESOME at everything, when really they are not cool at all, hence why they are a faggle. The name faggle has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation, ONLY the attitude and demeanor of the person. A faggle is the definition of the person you keep around for entertainment, not friendship, a Faggle is someone you make fun of in front of them by calling them a faggle and them not getting it.
Whether it be at work or school or any other function, a faggle is the one person you pretend to like but secretly hate. I found mine in the workplace, he works a cubicle over and is a total faggle.
by Fidget1022 August 18, 2009
an english gay male or many gay english males converging in a small area
oh look its queer eye for the english guys

nah dude its just a faggle lets leave i could do with out the accent
by mike husn January 02, 2008
To bargain ridiculous prices on items (of the utmost stupidity). Similar to haggling.
In an attempt to buy the house, Benji faggled with the owner, hoping to get the establishment for a mere 3 pennies.
by Sap29 July 16, 2014
A very openly gay happy gay Sad GAYY person. Who is very GAY. And enjoys whacking off other men. Also he likes to blow men. With NO HANDS.
Dude that kid emmanuel is a faggle. He tried to rape me in science class.

Then BoBo came over and gave him a handjob underneath the table.....straight fags bro.
by smokeherb420 May 16, 2011
Combination of douche bag + fag, pertaining to anyone of any sex in their douchiest moments...
Meghan Schroeder is such a Faggle
by Schraybay February 28, 2011
A faggle is a person who likes bee bee guns hanging out at gorden college and gets arreste. Also a faggle will always try to rap but never makes sense. A faggle will try to put big rig stacks on a civic..A faggle will always get drunk and at a party and try to have sex with re largest girl there
Guy 1-hey man you wanna go to that party?
Guy 2-is that faggle dude going to be there?
Guy 1-yea he is
Guy 2-fuck no I don't want to go
Faggle-fuck you guys I'm not faggle and were 14 YouTube videos
Guy 2-fuck you faggle
Faggle-my names not faggle
by Direct pro April 25, 2009
an action; by a gay man
to adjust the price of an object by conversing with a vendor, of wothless peices of junk because gay guys just have to have them cause they are "fabulous".

Faggler; one who faggles

Fagglist; one who is an expert faggler, and/or makes a professon of faggling.
Blake: Watch this, James is gonna faggle that guy and get that glass replica of Bradd Pitts dick for half price.
David: Is he a good faggler?
by TwinkONtwinK January 02, 2009

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