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amazing loud funny man, and likes to tell it as it is no matter how much it hurts. and god like, super confident
damn emmanuel looks fine!!!!!
by smurfy4evr December 15, 2009
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Emmanuel is a handsome, tall man who you will learn to love unconditonally. He will tell you the sweetest things and make you smile when you're at your worst. When you dont feel pretty he'll make you feel like the most beautiful amazing woman on earth. He is intellegent as well. Top of his class of course and excellent at fixing things. He wears the cleanest nike shoes and has a twist of mystery. He has the most charming smile and a very great poet. He is a great kisser and the best boyfriend a girl can ask for.
Fabii absolutely loves her boyfriend Emmanuel.
by fabiiii October 23, 2011
1. A religious guy who gets stuck doing things he doesn't want to,

2. Middleman (middle of popular and nerd) who stays quiet during conversations.

3. The guy most people know and ask for help from.
1. oh man u emmanuel, i can't believe your catholic

2. aw, this is hard, i need an emmanuel
by bllrspirit November 27, 2007
1. A handsome French man who is highly skilled and intelligent

2. A tall French Canadian
I would love to get it on with that emmanuel
by momoiro May 19, 2008
a known very tall guy who will tend to make you laugh. He's tall dark and handsome and can have you eating out of his hand in seconds. Will tend to be black as how many white boys do you know called Emmanuel?
damn Emmanuel was looking good the other day. wanna just bite his ass off
by dizzzzyyyyyyyyyy August 12, 2013
v: to kick the shit out of something upon seeing it and/or having it near you

n: the act of kicking the shit out of something upon seeing it and/or having it near you

n: one who kicks the shit out of something upon seeing it and/or having it near him
"Man, I Emmanueled the ball in my soccer game yesterday every time it came to me"..."Oh, it's because you need a Power Balance sport band, you know, that piece of silicone people pay $30 for."
"Dammit woman, make me a sandwich before I Emmanuel you"..."Please Emmanuel, stop with all the Emmanuels" says the woman after she doesn't make Emmanuel the sandwich and learns her lesson."
by natedawg6995 February 10, 2011
Someone who has a baby dick. A penis that is not visible. He has an egg head and his name commonly goes with the word mistake.
Hey, look at him changing! He surely has the size of Emmanuel.
by Soccerpro101 March 04, 2015

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