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Someone who logs for douches. Similiar to a logger or lumber jack, only with douches.

To be a douche logger, one would float uncut douches down a river, till they get to a douche plant. That plant will cut the douches to appropriate sizes, and then ship them off to another plant in order to complete the douche process.

Fred: Your sister is a succubus.

Joe: At least she isn't like your dad, the douche logger.
by Razor7 June 08, 2006
Pasty Cakes: A term I use to describe someone who is very white, or albino.
Hey Pasty Cakes!

You're a Pasty Cake.
by Razor7 August 11, 2004
To mine for douches. A literal worker who wakes up, grabs a pick axe, and heads off to mine for douches. Same as a gold miner, but with douches.

Fred: I fucking hacksawed your mom's ass last night!

Joe: Well you're a douche miner!
by Razor7 June 08, 2006
A term used to describe a faggot and or a fag+baggle.

To be a faggle one must first prove to be a faggot and or a fag+baggle. It's obviousy how to do so, just sleep with men and or with baggles.

Tom: You're such a faggle!

Joe: That's not what your baggle said last night!!!
by Razor7 June 21, 2006
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