When someone is being really gay or annoying like foggle from Superbad.
God damn it faggle! you're supposed to be designated driver tonight! don't punk out now!
by ams914 January 25, 2008
Top Definition
A group of homosexual males. Not to be confused with a group of geese, known as a gaggle.
A faggle was spotted at their Twilight book club meeting this afternoon at the local park.
by Mufasa_mufasa August 22, 2009
A group or gathering of homosexuals (similar to a gaggle of geese)
That faggle was at my train station again this morning.
by thescotmek May 05, 2010
1. faggle (feh-gull) - A species of smurf who delights in the ancient art of anal spleunking. Best known for their celebration of a festival known as the "Faggleton Jubilee", where salsa is eaten with corn chips out of the ass of the years elected Faggle Mayor.

2. faggler (feh-gull-er) - A person or animal who exclusively hunts the faggle for sport or food.

3. faggl-ing (feh-gull-ing) - Anyone or Anything that participates or practices the customs or ways of the faggle, but is not of the faggle species.
1. "My my that is an awfully small faggle, much smaller then that pink faggle over there"

2. "Is it true John? Your really a faggler?"

3. "Man I didn't know Martha was a faggling"
by Merc Shadow December 27, 2009
A person who is extremely annoying and displays idiotic behavior. A faggle is also a compulsive liar and a know-it-all.
You know that kid Trevor? He's being such a faggle.
by Yanied October 21, 2013
A poemistic nobjockey usually lives for being hated by opposing sex.
"Ethan adam is such a faggle"
by Some one who hates faggles!!!! February 26, 2010
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