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the instinctive eye that gays have for cosmopolitan life (stereotype)
George used his queer eye to pick out clothes tonight to wear to the gay bar.
by cp October 04, 2003
Based upon a show on BravoTv cable "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", in which the fab five-An interior designer, a fashion stylist, a chef, a beauty guru and a "concierge of cool" — who is responsible for all things hip, including music and pop culture (and all very, very, gay) - take a heterosexual guy and do a total lifestyle makeover so that he will be hip and urbane. (Note: None of the Fab 5 are Bears or Leathermen - which might help in the workplace.)
Batman, staring George Clooney was a Queer eye for the Bat Guy movie when Batman wore the Bat suit with nipples on it.
by Klaatu June 15, 2005
When a gay, and a woman with a bung eye (possibly a lesbian) assume a relationship as to divert peoples attention to their sexuality. Regularly in play with people ashamed of themselves, and men who spend too much time wearing womens glasses...

See also Biclops
Guy #1: Did you hear? Queer eye is fighting!
Guy #2: Day'm
Guy #1: Yeah I know! Could this be the final episode of Queereye?
Guy #2: I want that piece of ass...
Guy #1: WHAT?!
by Ace Mulato May 07, 2005
To introduce someones attire into that in which is directly influenced by fashion and good looks.
Cletis: I haven't been Clothes shopping since 1980. Maybe you can QueerEye me and give me an upgrade.
by Barron N July 01, 2006
Staring method employed to pick up other males after gaydar is initiated.
George used his queer eye to pick up Mark when he realized Mark was gay.
by cp October 04, 2003
a show that clay aiken should be on, no wait, he shuld be on queer eye for the queer girl
tashie clay aiken i saw clay on queer eye last night!!
by lexi & m March 10, 2005
niko and his roomate adam
Look at those queer eyes playing party poker.
by Frank jones February 11, 2005
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