The male version of a fag hag!
A Fag Stag is one who sympathies with gay men, or is a 'homosocial': he can receive a blowjob (called interestingly 'bro job') and is genderflexible (a.k.a. heteroflexible), in other matters than getting his D wet, like getting involved in a bromance (brotherly romance), or deeply get man-crushed on some other male!
by hammer---;, hytham April 12, 2007
Top Definition
This rare breed of heterosexual human male enjoys the company of homosexual human males in preference to or en liu of, perhaps selectively, other heterosexual males.

The fag stag forms a unique relationship with the gay men he associates with. Benefits of this relationship are social and ego related improvements for the fag stag, such as:

> Fashion advice
> Social pleaseantry training
> Access to networks of women (mainly fag hags) / matchmaking
> Complimentary attention from the gay men
> Freedoms from not having to conform to hetero expectations

As previously referenced, some fag stags are part-timers. This type of stag enjoys being in social situations with the intent on meeting heterosexual human females and uses the gay men to his advantage. The gay men act like a lure, attracting women to them and the stag finds it easy to slip into conversation with these women without feeling pressure to court them since these women would often assume the stag was also gay. Later the stag would reveal his intentions to the women in a gracefully manuvered play.

This situation also allows the stag to keep hetero company in which he may be allowed to peform rituals not found in homosexual cliques.
Matt goes to gay bars to find women and his best friends, Brian and Dennis, are gay.
by Curious_Joe December 11, 2004
the male counterpart to fag hag meaning a gay males best friend
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
Analogous to "fag hag" for a woman, "fag stag" is a straight man who is very comfortable around gay men, has many gay friends, and is supportive of gay rights. He may not necessarily go to gay bars and clubs with his gay friends, or vacation in mostly gay spots, but he is interested in his friends' romantic lives, and in the main differences between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships. He is amused, and sometimes downright flattered, when gay men are attracted to him, and not at all uncomfortable in such situations. If he's a "metrosexual," he may even shop with his gay friends and avail himself of their fashion sense.
"It's so refreshing to find a straight guy like Jeremy, who's so comfortable around us gay men. He's a real fag stag."
by middle_east_explorer September 20, 2009
A straight male who goes to gay clubs so he can hit on females there. Also someone who is straight, but hangs out with a group of homosexuals
Joey is a fag stag, becuase he enjoys going to gay clubs to meet chicks
by jonfizzle December 09, 2003
The male version of a faghag.
A straight male with a gay confidant.
Perhaps call his confidant a stagfag
g1> Those two are always talking...I didn't know Jon was gay.
g2> Nah, he's just fagstagging.
by Seth March 04, 2004
a straight guy who hangs with gay men
"Dude, do you wanna stay in and watch the game with us?"
"Nah, I'm meeting some friends in Greenwich Village."
"God, you are such a fag stag."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 03, 2004
A heterosexual male who spends most of his time with homosexual men. The male version of a fag hag.
He's not gay, but all his friends are. He's a fag stag.
by JehosephatSunrays April 19, 2016
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