An alien in Natural Selection with the ability to slash with it's claws, use some form of energy to quickly lurch in a direction, even in midair! It can speed up it's metabolism, healing injuries, and can also fire out sacs containing gastric acid within.
Fucking Fade keeps owning us!
by Macman March 25, 2005
slang word for fighting. often repeated by audience during a fight by repeating 3 times. Sometimes spoken in coordination with leg jumping and slight arm movement.
Can be used as a verb or a noun.
you can "catch fades" as a noun.
Or "fade" someone as a verb.
Can be adjusted for each particular situation.
regular fight: "fades fades fades"

Girl Fight: "girl fades girl fades girl fades"

Fight on campus: "school fades school fades school fades"
by Lauremmaparksuster May 15, 2011
commonly ued in the dmv area. meaning 'able to'. or 'wanting to'. mostly refering to money.
girl: ay, you goin to the club tonight.
boy: i don't know. how much it cost to get in?
girl: twenty dollars at the door.
boy: aw, nah sahn. i can't fade that.

boy: ay, you tryna go to this concert tonight
other boy: yea, bet. it's only like twenty dollars. i can fade that. i just got paid.
by omadam January 01, 2011
Is a phrase a relating when a person doesnt like something and wont do it.

When a person refuses to do something.
You gonna come with us to go sell weed??

Naw i cant fade that.
by IjeRoqs February 16, 2010
a means of fighting. this word comes in handy when your being insulted, its also another way of say the phrase "ya mamma." may also be used even if not going to fight
person1:ur gay
person2:wat u said?!
person1:u heard me!!!
person2:man come get the fade!!!!
by nyorka February 10, 2007
To better the standard, to beat or one-up on somebody.
I did a massive slam dunk on that brotha, he couldn't fade me!
by BenOne June 19, 2006
To sell or short sell a security upon an increase in price with the expectation that said price increase is a precursor to a larger decline in that asset.

Usage: finance, argot.
This is a sucker's rally, fade it.
by econtutor October 17, 2011
A fight that you can easily beat, its nothing.
"You want the fade?", " I'll fade that fool"
by flymomy May 15, 2008

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