uptight, prude, stuck up
BKMF: Dude that bitch was fade.
by misskittycat July 08, 2005
to take a powder; to leave when someone doesn't want you around
"fade now, before the bulls catch you"
"fade, we're in the middle of something"
by evan marie July 10, 2008
To do or to be able to handle
If my boss asks me to work overtime on a Friday night when a fine girl is waiting for me to get off. I can't even fade that. Sorry but I gotta bounce.
by Brandon S June 23, 2005
to back up or support, especially financially
He was there to fade a few of those crap shooters.
by Jim King December 18, 2004
To ignore or reject someone.
Why are you trying to fade me?
by Jamie August 13, 2004
someone who is high all the time. they seem a little faded.
man, he's such a fade.
by virginia. August 11, 2003
1. Fade (noun)

A word, usually said towards girls, reffering to someone who is easily forgotten.

2. Fade (noun)

A forty year old man who likes Justin Bieber.

Alejandro: I have seen that girl before...or not?
Noah: She's a total Fade, man.


Mr. Ugly: Hey, wife! I just got this new Justin Bieber CD!
Mrs. Ugly: Cool!
Random Guy: What a bunch of Fades...
by Alejandro<3 August 17, 2010

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