A word used by people who do not know how to spell . These people are usually from stardoll who are ticked off for no apparent reason but want to take their anger out on other people . This usually happens in clubs like : AskPaulinagirls , Animal-lovers and FashionClub .
Fack you!
by xNonamex March 20, 2010
Is simply used as a replacement for the word "fuck".
What the fack?
Nobody wants to fack you.
Man i really wanna fack her.
Fack it!
Fack you!
Do you think a really give a fack?
by KaylaKaylaKaylaBAM August 11, 2006
To punch someone, preferably in the face.
John was talikin' shit, so facked his ass.
by 2014_chiguy October 16, 2006
When abusing someone in the heat of the moment, you can't decide whether to call them a fag or a fuck. So you call them a fack.
Chopz: i hope hot chicks are provided as well as relivant materials. ie gloves
Ken: Gloves
Ken: WTF
by Ken June 13, 2004
Fack: alt. spelling is "faak". Substitute for "fuck". Often referred to as a "ghetto" term. Is widely accepted.
"Fack! That's huge!"
by G. M.-H. May 28, 2003
A Canadian version of the english word "fuck". It was created by the candanians in the mid 1940's when they retreated from a World War 2 battle.
Fack! We're being shot at guy. Run budday!

What the fack are you doing?
by Bill April 21, 2004
Similar to FUPA, but this is simply a contraction of the words FAT and BACK.
Look at the FACK on that, is that the Hunchback of Notre Dame?
by Loose Goose August 03, 2005
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