When the term fat-fuck becomes to long and inconvienent, fack comes into play
John: Hey let me get at your hotdog *yoink*

Alexis: Dammit!!!! John is such a fack!!!
by tuba sal November 06, 2010
1. An alternative, more acceptable term to use in place of "fuck"

2. "fuck" in the Bostonian language.

3. A term used frequently in ebonics, replacing the word "fact".
1. "I just tripped over that ottoman, Dick van Dyke style. Fack, that was unnecessary."

2. "Yo, buddy, why don't ya get ya fackin' ca' out da fackin' way before I put my foot up ya' fackin' ass."

3. "Er' body know Sheena's baby daddy is Rayquan, that's a fack."
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
Meaning to hit or abuse yourself, in a naive way off thinking you'll become a better person or remember something.
1. I locked my keys in my car so I facked myself on the arm, hard, so I wouldn't forget again.
2. After being spiteful to that girl at work, I facked myself to remember I should be nice.
by WeeblezWobblez February 20, 2010
A word that occurs during the repitition of the word "Fuck", usually when the person is enraged or disgruntled.

The term "Fack" may also be said after the word "Fickin", "Frackin" or any other random, non-existent word that occurs when proclaiming disagreement or when engaged in debate.
PERSON: "Bro. Your mom.

PERSON 2: "You Fuckin', Fickin', Fack!"

PERSON: "What??"
by RoxasDive December 10, 2010
fuck.. god damn.
I hate my fackin life. YEA BOOYY I love gage!
by bread infection December 05, 2009
It's like saying Fuck, only you can say it in front of young kids without getting any shit. It's also hella hyphy.
"FACK, my dick smells like an asshole stuffed with creamy tennis balls."
by FACK June 16, 2008
a nice , polite way of saying the f bomb . or, saying fuck ... with an accent . especially when you have family members on facebook .
i am so facking excited!

oh fack! i forgot to clean my room.

fack my life!
by i.dont.have.a.name.anymore. April 02, 2011

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