It's like saying Fuck, only you can say it in front of young kids without getting any shit. It's also hella hyphy.
"FACK, my dick smells like an asshole stuffed with creamy tennis balls."
by FACK June 16, 2008
a nice , polite way of saying the f bomb . or, saying fuck ... with an accent . especially when you have family members on facebook .
i am so facking excited!

oh fack! i forgot to clean my room.

fack my life!
by April 02, 2011
another word for fuck but apropriate
(in front of teacher) FAAAACK i forgot my book fack
by bladderplop October 04, 2010
a reduction for the word "faculty", meaning the university
when you say to a buddy: "see you in fack!!"
by Grimmjow87 March 11, 2008
Clan tag representing the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare video game clan.

AKA: Fully Auto Clan Killahs, F.A.C.K. Republic
"I can't believe we where beaten so badly; Those FACK guys ripped us a new one in Domination. FACK!!!"

"Fack Up"
by Raj Al-Jinn March 31, 2010
used commonly by londoners, pronounced much like cant (not can't); both were used excesivly in the film "Quadrophenia", one of The Who's rock operas.
"you fackin' cant!"
"fack off! lets go an do some blues!"
by Sam the Kan May 19, 2005
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