Synonymous with the word 'fuck.' Notably used in cases where the writer does not know (American) English well and in attempt to sound out the word while applying his known letter/pronunciation set results in a slightly mangled but understandable version of the word.
Example at, where some silly Japanese bastard decided to spraypaint profanities on the wall yet failed in his (American) English spelling:
Fack You Man

(alternately pronounced as 'fack', similar to the word 'fact', to those who find such objects of Japanese word scrambling humorous and to explicitly specify that you are not saying the word 'fuck', but rather the word 'fack')
by Stimar May 07, 2003
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How a person from the Boston/New England area says the F word.
What the fack? This ain't chowda.
by D-Bizzle January 11, 2004
To shove a gerbil up your ass.
"Have you heard of Eminem's new song, Fack?"
by andy the nigga April 14, 2006
Fuck --- Meaning fuck but in a way where u cant get in trubble 4 sayin it
FACK!! this test is hard
by Unknown January 20, 2003
the act of having a woman make you cum numerous amounts of times, usually with the presence of a tube with a gerbil in your colon. it must be nibbling on your asshole for ultimate effect.
Dude, last night i was with this chick and we went so hard we facked. by the way, your gerbil is dead.
by KoNcEpT61 September 04, 2008
How Valentino Rossi, the current three time MotoGP motorcycle champion from Italy says the word fuck.
His quote, "the first time I rode the 500, FACK!"
by The Doctor February 22, 2005
A way of saying fuck in online games and chat rooms so that it won't get censored but everyone still knows what you mean.
<Bob> f%*k you
<Joe> You mean "fack you"?
by Snoop Doggie Dogg January 02, 2005
1. A deliberate mispronunciation of the word "fuck" with the hopes of the user being assumed as uniquely gifted and proactive in the language arts.
I sat on facking gum on the bus on the way to work at Toy's R Us.
by daimler December 04, 2003

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