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A song that will make you die inside, and cry on the outside.
I listened to fack. Then I had the sudden urge to spew fluids from all ends.
Me: I listened to fack by Eminem.
Timmy: OH GOD, I AM SO SORRY! *begins to spew from all openings*
by Hadvar's pimp December 25, 2011
Synonymous with the word 'fuck.' Notably used in cases where the writer does not know (American) English well and in attempt to sound out the word while applying his known letter/pronunciation set results in a slightly mangled but understandable version of the word.
Example at engrish.com, where some silly Japanese bastard decided to spraypaint profanities on the wall yet failed in his (American) English spelling:
Fack You Man

(alternately pronounced as 'fack', similar to the word 'fact', to those who find such objects of Japanese word scrambling humorous and to explicitly specify that you are not saying the word 'fuck', but rather the word 'fack')
by Stimar May 07, 2003
for a woman to stick her finger up your ass after sex.
shit, that girl just facked me.
by fack-a-holic! June 30, 2009
The FACK algorithm is based on first principles of congestion control and is designed to be used with the proposed TCP SACK options. By decoupling congestion control from other algorithms such as data recovery, it attains more precise control over the data flow in the network.
"FACK my network, please"
by Serafim February 07, 2007
This is the word used by eminem to use in a sentence where you cant say fuck.
Lawyer: Did you kill him?
Tommy: Narr i didnt facking kill him mother facker.
by Sugar thug November 06, 2009
A prolonged way of saying "fuck" when you are busted in an awkward/uncomfortable situation.
Timmy: "Chaz shit his pants yesterday."

Shelly: "He's sitting right behind you..."

Timmy: "Fack..."
by Mere Scraps August 02, 2009
A variation of fuck that you exclaim out loud in a questioning tone when something unfortunate, suprising, and/or stupid happens; a shortened "What the fuck ?!"
by G I N F U July 28, 2008