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How a person from the Boston/New England area says the F word.
What the fack? This ain't chowda.
by D-Bizzle January 11, 2004
What people in Maryland refer to as Fredrick.
Let's leave Moco and go to Fredneck.
by D-Bizzle November 27, 2003
Bring Your Own Weed, created back in the day when i realized that the same people always thrown down and certain people may not throw down at all and expect to get down when the smokin goes on. so i decided that from now on any one that decides they wanna smoke either has to throw down on the sac that gets picked up or ya gotta BYOW
hey tonight either bring loot or its BYOW or ya cant get down on the blunt
by d-bizzle November 17, 2004
the cops, the pigs, the oinkers, the police, the stupid mother-fuckers that always spoil the fun and think they can run the show cuz they have the power to fuck with people
o shit the 5-0 .... a cop is near so play it cool
by d-bizzle November 15, 2004
the fresh new slang term to tell someone to fuck off
ya know what you can go suck wind
by d-bizzle November 15, 2004
to stab/slice cut or in general kill with a sword/knife or other sharp shiny object
yo that nigga just shanked sombody, lets bounce from dis hizzouse before the 5-0 roll up
reply- fo-shezy
by d-bizzle November 15, 2004
One of the most respected and well liked posters on the Movies: Video and DVD board at gamefaqs.com
When you want to know about a movie you go to Subl1me for help
by D-Bizzle February 18, 2005
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