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A person who fakes an account on baby-gaga
"theres a facker in TP"
by Stephanie928 October 08, 2007
the group of people that refuse to jam on every given weekend.
Those fackers are the only people who won't jam like it's going out of fashion. Spread the word, dig?
by rossevan September 18, 2007
1) A group of super awesome amazing kids with nothing better to do than stickam with each all day then watch the others sleep while pulling all nighters and eventually start hanging out in real life.

2) That one group of kids that sing HSM songs at lunch.

3) Francine, Alelujah, Chelsea, and Kim. And on occasion BoSuh + Taylor.
"Look at the FACKers. They're so loud! I wish I could be as cool as them."

"Here comes the FACKers again, oh but wait, there's only 5 of them?"
by FACKers April 16, 2010
A person who is both a Faggot and a Fucker.
WTF your such a facker!
by samantha marie johnston February 23, 2009
an alternative, slightly crass, expressive term for someone's face (optional, more acceptable terminology include: Visage, Countenance)
After a few too many scoops of the special snakey sauce the preceding night, Foolstone stumbles out of his tent, inadvertently stacks it and ends up with his facker, face down in the mud. On hawling himself to his feet, he is greeted by a bubbly, thinning Oompa-Loompa in stitches who says:

'Look@the state of show's facker!'

In response to which Foolstone mutters:

'I need a Mac Attack'
compound of fucker and cracker
YOU FACKER stop rapping my goat
by Tana September 08, 2004
Joking way of calling someone a mother fucker
Facker! I hate you!
by Shannon June 17, 2004

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