when you are on facebook and myspace at the same time
Bob: Yo shane what are doing?
Shane: Im on dat face-space nigga
Bob: hold on lemme log on yoooo
A portmanteau and description of the experiences of being a facebook and myspace user. You just can't seem to keep up with everything.
"Do you have FaceSpace?"
by HG2013 June 01, 2009
A combination of Facebook and Myspace. When the person is simultaneously on both sites.
Person 1: What you up to?
Person 2: Oh just on Facespace
by SerifeC August 09, 2008
The pile of steaming dung that the social network site Facebook has become ever since it started emulating more and more aspects of the even smellier pile of dung social networking site MySpace.
Jeez, why does FaceSpace keep crashing on me? Man, Facebook worked so much better when it was just Facebook
by FreddyKirk July 08, 2009
v. To simultaneously spend time on Facebook and Myspace
Jenn, if you could facespace it a little less you would cut down the amount of time that you are online.
by Andrew van Leeuwen May 02, 2008
to add or request someone on your myspace and facebook at the same time.
friend 1

"hey bro, you got to add me to my facespace!"

friend 2

"what's that??"

friend 1

"it's my myspace and facebook at the same time, man."
by 9erGman4life September 25, 2009
Someone who is a close talker. They put their face close to yours and you can feel their breath on your face. There is usually 1-15cm between your face and theirs.
friend 1: Hey have you noticed somthing annoying about how alwin talks?

friend 2: Yeah he's really facespace. I think he had curry for lunch. I could smell it in his breath.
by Mrs. Mr. Ms. Dr. Nick July 26, 2008

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