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A made up Boss from the game Final Fantasy 7 that had a lot of people looking online to see if it was real
I saw how to fight Cheese Weapon online but I just wasted 2 months of my life as it doesnt even exist in the game..=(
by JIbbarousseau May 02, 2009
The universal measurement of how much a douche/douchbag some is or is being at any given time.
wow i cant believe you pulled that bukkshit! your douchbagery is fukin astounding!
by jibbarousseau May 29, 2009
When a morbitly obese guy does the truffle shuffle, and waves result out of this
"big fat tony was drunk and tried to do the truffle shuffle"

"man that wasnt no truffle shuffle, that was the fuckin fargle mcjargle son!"
by jibbarousseau July 12, 2009
someone who uses both facebook and myspace
sam: you gotta facebook?

jill: you gotta myspace?

by jibbarousseau May 30, 2009
Sunglasses with large, stylish, lenses. Also known as Stunner Shades
Got my Hater Blockers on and Im goin to the club.
by jibbarousseau June 03, 2010
When a guy stretches his sack under a girls chin while she gives him head
She was givin a blowjob so i took it to the next level and turned it into a chin strap
by jibbarousseau November 14, 2009
When a bunch of guys, preferably 10 or more, get ina line and ejaculate excessive amounts of cum onto a girls face one after the other
wow that sully chick is such a skank
i kno man, like20 dudes just came on her face
whaaat u mean they ran a gravy train?!?!
by jibbarousseau November 24, 2009
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