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To ambush a desired facebook friend with a friend request, taking would-be friend by surprise due to lack of real-world friendship. Synonymous with "ambook."
"Dude, that chick is so hot. I facebushed her so I could see all her pics and beat off to the good ones."

"Weird, that quiet kid in my French class facebushed me. He's totally creepy, but I guess I'll accept."
by Chrilex February 26, 2007
The beard you've grown, while wasting time on social networking. Not specifically on one network called, you know how... But is the most popular.
Look at that facebush on your face! Have you been stalking online again?
by ampotant October 06, 2010
The chin part of a gotee that becomes coarse and thick and mangled due to not trimming and/or unkemptness, resembling a jagged bush on one's face.
"Dude, you need to do something about that gotee, you got one hell of a facebush going on"

"You're collecting goop in your facebush"
by jakevo January 15, 2012
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