The basic unit of popularity.
Tyler: "Wow, Adam has over 2,000 Facebook friends! He must be really popular!"
Michael: "Yeah i bet he gets laid every night!"
by PopKull October 27, 2010
Facebook friends are actually more like Facebook contacts. People will most of the time just add people they for example just saw walking in the hallway. The main reason for this is because it's almost like you go up in facebook popularity by having a lot of friends. In fact, a facebook user could have 600 friends and only 10 of them being real friends.
Person 1: "Wow I think he's one of the most popular kids in our school."

Person 2: "Why the hell would you think that?"

Person 1: "Because he has like 900 friends on facebook!"

Person 2: "Dude, that kid gets made fun of everyday, he has no real friends. Just Facebook 'friends'."
by WJMCA March 06, 2010
someone you met and know in real life, but contact is confined to facebook for reasons other than distance.
1. when susi broke up with joe, they agreed they would remain friends. but susi didn't actually want to see joe in person, so now they're just facebook friends.

2. you know ted, my facebook friend? funny guy. he's always working though, so we never see him around.
by thust April 30, 2008
A person who you have as a friend on Facebook, but who you have no contact with in the real world.
John and Mary are such Facebook friends, they barely know each other in person.
by Alexandrine G. May 09, 2011
A person who claims to be your friend on facebook, but doesn't notice or speak to you in real life.
Matt - That girl Jessica added me as a friend last night, and we talked a lot about random crap, but in class she didn't even notice me.

Jeff - Probably because she's just your Facebook friend

Matt - Forever alone
by Im-Forever-Alone January 05, 2012
Someone that constantly copies a persons actions or life-styles in goal of becoming their friend.

Someone who acts different around groups of people or a specific person.
DUDE 1: "Yo dude check out Sean! This kid was straight up emo last week now he's rockin' a camouflaged hat and talking with a country accent!"

DUDE 2: "WOW dude, what a Facebook friend."
by InvisibleAstronaut November 07, 2010
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