The social networking website that is inferior to MySpace for numerous reasons:

1. You cannot customize your profile page with colors or themes (unless you want white).
2. People see your real name, school, etc.
3. There's no blog; just NOTES.
4. You can't find photographers and filmmakers.
5. You can't find bands easily.
6. Your junior high school boyfriend who was an asshole to you can find you!
7. All the people you hated in high school can track you down, and act like they were always your best friend.

That's just for starters.
1. Facebook sucks! I can't even choose to have a BLACK background with WHITE text.
2. I have no anonymity on Facebook. Maybe I don't want the general public to see my last name!
3. I'm sorry you missed out on what's happening in my life; if Facebook had a blog, you'd be able to stay updated.
4. Whenever I try to look up artists, filmmakers, comedians, or bands, I rarely find them on Facebook.
5. It's hard to find obscure and unsigned bands on Facebook. They always give you 3,000,000 entries of people who said they LIKE that artist. Irrelevant!
6. You'll never find ME, Tony!
7. GIRL #1: Like, OMG! I can't believe it's you! Remember, I sat behind you in Chemistry sophomore year!
GIRL #2: Yeah, I remember, you called me a dyke and made fun of who my favorite band was. You also said I was a freak.
GIRL #1: Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! Great times, huh?
by kvinnan86 January 26, 2009
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a stalkers dream come true
facebook addict #1: dude you know that hot girl who lives upstairs, i totally got her screen name and cell phone number off of facebook
facebook addict #2: awesome, now you can totally stalk her
by jim March 08, 2005
the reason my papers are never done on time.
need to write report = facebook time!
by q-mas February 10, 2005
An online network open to college students at certain universities. Students make up their own profiles which include a picture, name, birthdate, interests, and classes. They can then search for other students at their university or another university that has the facebook. One can add people they know or random people as their "friends."

Good for:
1.) Procrastinating
2.) Stalking
Scenario 1:
Girl: Last night I didn't get any work done because I was looking at facebook all night!

Scenario 2:
Girl 1: I found that really hot guy from our history class on facebook last night!
Girl 2: Really?!
Girl 1: Yeah! His name is insert name here, he's in insert classes here, he's single and is looking for a relationship, friendship, dating, random play, or anything he can get! (options under relationship status and what one is looking for)
by Amanda November 05, 2004
WARNING: The new addictive drug that has devastatingly hit most colleges, universities, and highschools. The drug causes lasting effects: procrastination, swollen fingers, dropped grades, irritation of the eyes, increased need to add more friends to your friends list, and skipped classes. Be cautious, some think they are immune to the effects of facebook, until they try it and by then its too late. Protect Yourselves.
Know a friend thats hooked on facebook? Call this toll free hotline: 1-800-ILVFCBK, we have professionals ready to help you.
by Kissabledimplz December 02, 2005
A much cleaner, more private alternative to MySpace.
Wow, Facebook doesn't lag!
by Pro January 16, 2006
Facebook is like prison, you write on walls and poke random people.
by Joshthalk December 10, 2010
Where lonely and socially inept losers can pretend they have a life.
Hey, look, I have five hundred "friends" on facebook, most of whom I only talked to once or twice at most.
by runpoochrun July 09, 2009
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