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What sadly counts as "socializing" now-a-days.
Alex- "I'm gonna spend 6 hours straight on Facebook!!"

Tom- "Why don't you go outside and interact with people face to face instead?"
Alex-"That's soooo going on Facebook! Seriously, Facebook quote of the year! That's boss!!"
Tom-"I was serious..."
Alex- "What are you, antisocial? Everybody does Facebook now! Having "friends" on the internet who I never see in my everyday life and sitting infront of a humming computer is interacting with people! I love Facebook!!!"
by BigLebowski'sRug October 26, 2009
408 66
An online popularity contest for highschool and university students. It doesn't seem to matter that you may have only SEEN the person walking in the hallways, it is good enough reason to add them as a friend.
OMG! Check out Sally's Facebook profile, she's got over 300 friends!
by tealight June 08, 2006
441 147
the place to show your friends how much better your life is than theirs
*my public facebook wall post* how amaaaazing was last night!!

*another's public facebook wall post* I know right haha xxxx
by thesmileyboy October 01, 2009
349 59
1) noun; An online network for college students and faculty at certain universities. A student can create his/her own profile which may include a picture, highschool background, interests, and classes. A facebook member can create a friend network of other members on facebook, as well as join or make any facebook groups he/she desires.

2) verb; It can be used in any tense, referring to the action one does when one uses the facebook.
1) Dude, that chick's on the facebook!
2) Mm-mm, girlfriend. I ain't meetin' nobody I don't know off that facebook.
3) Aaah! I need to facebook!
4) Becky, have you facebooked lately?
5) Hey, sorry I didn't answer the phone when you called - I was facebooking.
by rocksteadygpc November 07, 2004
625 354
A human Pokédex.
Facebook, gotta catch'em all!
by joon21 June 02, 2010
387 123
An online network that is recently becoming more comparable to myspace. It started as a college-based network, where kids from different colleges could add each other as friends. Then it branched out to high school. And now, EVERYONE can use it.

If that weren't enough, there's now a "news feed" feature, that lets you see pretty much every move your friends make whenever they log on. It's basically Myspace 2 nowadays.

Even worse, the fact that it's now open to everyone pretty much makes it the stalker's wet dream. It was cool at first, but now it seems more and more like a violation of privacy.
Stalker: Hey, Shannon. I know that you're now going out with Rick.

Shannon: How'd you know that?

Stalker: I read it on the facebook news feed. And I saw the new pictures you added. They're hot.

Shannon: (runs away)
by HueyFreeman November 04, 2006
311 62
an impeder of productivity.
facebook ruined my life.
by dellcomp321 December 10, 2006
385 141