The action of being blocked on Facebook, usually following either a stalking, harassment, or abrasive wall-pokes.

not to be confused with

Evan- "Marc, man, Jillian just faceblocked me after i said she was a dirty ho"
Marc-"ROFL thats wicked, but im too sexy to be faceblocked."
by Evanb128 February 16, 2009
Top Definition
Faceblocked; (fac-bloked) To be prevented from using facebook, myspace or any other social networking site on the internet. Primarily due to overuse by co-workers and paranoia by CEO's of companies, where people do less work than they use these sites.
Guy 1:Hey mike why don't you go on facebook anymore?

Guy 2:I've been Faceblocked.

Guy 1:Cruel man
by Tianyunwang September 18, 2007
A sorority girls often implemented cockblock should an inexperienced hardcore/metal kid, struggling to create an archetypal college identity that is specialized in attracting mates, request her phone number.
guy: So uh, lemme get your number?
girl: Just facebook me*

*point of subsequent wreckage

guy: Dude...
guys friend: Did you get her number?
guy: no, I got faceblocked.
by Horse the Band February 14, 2008
When trying to carry on a conversation with someone, or to get a response to a question only to find that they have completely ignored you in favor of a form of social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
I tried asking my wife about dinner four times she totally faceblocked me."
by Forstue Berek Ondwith November 23, 2010
When someone blocks you from viewing their facebook profile. Either by blocking you entirely or just parts of their profile; pictures, mutual friends, comments.
Bill, "Hey, how come I can't see April's mutual friends but I can see her comments?"

Dave, "Oh you don't know? You got Faceblocked"
by Rabber December 28, 2010
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