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Thank God It's My Friday. Expression used by one who takes off work on Friday. As a result, the emotion and joy associated with Friday is experienced on Thursday.
Person 1: You seem unusually happy for a Thursday.

Person 2: That's because I am taking tomorrow off. TGIMF!
by Riconator November 19, 2009
A condition a Twitter user experiences when they lose the ability tweet or retweet messages on Twitter.
This is the worst time to have this case of Tweeter's Block. I've got so much going on right now, if I don't tweet something, I'm going to hurt my personal brand.
by Riconator September 26, 2009
The proper conduct expected when either viewing or waiting to view titles at redbox or other self-service DVD machine.
Example #1:

Person 1: Man! Did you see how long that lady took to pick a movie. She must have looked through every page twice before picking a video.

Person 2: Dude, I know. She has poor redtiquette.

Example #2:

Person 1: Man! Did you see the way that guy was hovering over us while we were browsing titles. I got so nervous that I just picked one.

Person 2: Dude, I know. He was a real mr. bungle. He has poor redtiquette.
by Riconator September 07, 2009
A condition among Facebookers where one loses the ability to post status updates or comments to the posts of others.
Person 1: Hey man, are you okay? I haven't seen much from you on Facebook. I was starting to think you were dead.

Person 2: I'm fine. I just have a bad case of Faceblock. I can't even bring myself to login.
by Riconator September 25, 2009
The state of being engaged in activities away from electronic media.
Person 1: What have you been up to? You haven't posted anything on Facebook or tweeted in days.

Person 2: I've been pretty busy onlife lately. Between work and the family, I haven't had time for much else.
by riconator November 09, 2009
To "like" something someone has posted online because they "liked" something you posted.
Person 1:

I can't believe you "liked" that picture on Facebook.

Person 2:

She "liked" my post the other day. I had to reciprolike.
by Riconator March 11, 2010
The portion of the goods or services acquired or earned by children that can be claimed by their parent(s).
Child: Dad, look at all the candy I got for Halloween!

Dad: Cool. Give me your peanut butter cups.

Child: What? Why?

Dad: Parental tax.
by Riconator October 29, 2010
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