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see highschool
';..;' this is a devil >_<
by SpAnKy ThE cLoWn September 07, 2003
Being nasty.
Singin to a blind man, "I can see clearly now the rain has gone."
by Tom February 20, 2003
Rhyming slang for cool but in the tradition of words such as "wicked" or "sick" which are used in a contrary context.
Michael Jackson latched on to this phenomenon with typical zeal for riding the zeitgeist when he sang "I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it" meaning "I'm good, I'm good, really" obviously.
Person A: "Coming down the pub?"
Person B: "Cruel!"
by RexBoner March 08, 2011
Urban Dictionary
So i sent Urban Dictionary a request for epic but they denied it cause there cruel
by PeterNinComPoop June 24, 2010
when a so-called "friend" niehbor makes their grandkids come out and scream fictional stuff about the niehbor's kids
"fuck i still see that cruel niehbor is at it again"
by the dude April 29, 2004
an over all positive word
im too cruel for you
by cami404 December 14, 2005
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