A variation of the bread game where 2 contestants square off to not be the last one to ejaculate on the bread. Contestants must maintain eye contact. A popular game among frat bros.
Eric: "Bro for initiation into Pi Kapp, we had a round robin series of faceoffs."

Ryan: "Yeah? Bro, How'd you do?"

Eric: "Let's just say I'm never eating bread pudding again"
by Wyan Restall April 14, 2009
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Having an intense conversation with some on facebook;
When you argue with someone on facebook
Last night i was having a really heated face off with Ashley.
by MarvelosityReigns October 26, 2009
(v.) A hockey metaphor meaning to compete; to face an adverary; to confront.
Ugh! My performance review is today and I have to face off with my boss!
by Tenacious Faulker April 04, 2009
A game in which you and your homies all sit in a line crouched over with your head near your genitalia. The game continues with everyone masturbating with a goal of ejaculating onto your own face. Last person to ejaculate must lick the goodness off of all the other player's faces.

Those failing to ejaculate on one's face due to poor aim or velocity are automatic losers.
"Hey man lets face off tonight"

"Jimmy totally licked cum off my face cause he lost face off"
by Face off master May 14, 2010
A competitive drinking game in which two opponents simultaneously take a shot of the gnarliest booze available, all the while staring each other in the eye.

- A referee is elected to examine the Face Off and once the shots have been taken, he/she determines which opponent kept the straightest face throughout the match.

- The winner is then exempt from further Face Offs and the loser must continue Facing Off against other opponents until he/she is able to keep a straight face.

- The torch is then passed when the loser finally wins a Face Off, and the game continues.
A Face Off is often the only solution in a dispute between two intoxicated individuals ranting about who can hold their liquor, or maybe (if drunk enough) arguing about something completely unrelated.
by Bennett Myhran August 28, 2009
To compulsively run your fingers down another persons face in the creepy style of Nicolas Cage/John Travolta in Face/Off.
'I love you honey'
Runs fingers down face in the style of Face Off.
'I love you too dear'
Runs fingers down face.
'I love the dog as well'
Runs fingers down dogs face.
Dogs runs paw down face.
'Honey i think we have some kind of infectious disease.'
by Doc Flox January 09, 2010
The act of becoming aroused to the point of climax (self imposed of course) with another by way of the popular Apple feature, FaceTime.
Damn, my girls been in Michigan all week i'm gunna have to Faceoff with that chick tonight
by The Guy7 November 29, 2011

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