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A stupid person who is new at something. Comes from 13375p34k, the hackish slang. A cross between n00b and f00.
I hate f00bs who ask stupid questions.
by mikeejimbo July 21, 2004
The term is a contraction of fool and n00b. A f00b is a foolish n00b
Everybody is new at one point, but some people don't help themselves learn how to become more well-trained.

That kid is such a f00b, he thinks he's winning with the negative points from killing his squad at the beginning of each match...
by The Jersey S October 03, 2005
Someone who is new to or lacks knowledge about the successful US rock band Foo Fighters.
'Learn To Fly' came on in a store earlier and Neil asked me who sang it. He is such a f00b.
by brookanator July 10, 2011
1. anyone new to Facebook.

2. anyone with < 5 friends on Facebook.

3. anyone who is a fan of God, Pizza, Kittens, or My Penis on Facebook.

4. anyone who creeps through your photos and POSTS 'WITTY' COMMENTS ON EVERY FUCKING ONE.
Guy: You should get a facebook so you can be one of many fans of my penis.
Girl: *gasp* That would make me a f00b!

Guy: Oh sweet baby jesus! Not a f00b!

Guy: Dude, Steven posted some stupid on every single of my pictures on facebook last night.
Other Guy: Woah, what a TOTAL f00b!
by thefallacyofreason July 20, 2009
1) Foolish n00b. One who is n00bish, with an extra touch of idiocy

2) Fake n00b. One who pretends to be a n00b for the purposes of amusement, testing his/her fellow forum members' reactions, etc.
1) Whoa, what a f00b. That guy just sniped his own commander.

2) f00b account: lolzlike0mgimn00kanu guiz hlep me?

Smart forum member: Stfu, we all know it's TheFourHorsemen.
by Metallica Elf May 08, 2006
A fake n00b; A veteran of a message board who has created a new username in order to appear to be either a newbie or a n00b.
I wonder who that f00b really is?
by Reya Phillips May 05, 2006
(n)n00b with a dash of homosexual, fagn00b.
1.There goes Richard again. Why do they let a fucking f00b like this get on TV?
by Prez0rz/Prez April 26, 2004