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In some programming languages, this is used to perform logical 'and' on two things. In others, it's used for short-circuit logical operation.
0 && 0 = 0
0 && 1 = 0
1 && 0 = 0
1 && 1 = 1
by mikeejimbo August 23, 2006
Acronym. Generally "Oh my God!" For some people that don't like taking the Lord's name in vain, "Oh my gosh!" For Googlists, "Oh my Google!"
OMG there's a lot of pages on the internet!
by mikeejimbo July 13, 2006
Alternately "be back in a few" or "be back in a flash"

Pretty much like brb, but longer and harder to type, ergo just as pointless
"Ah, time for dinner, bbiaf"
by mikeejimbo July 17, 2006
A small parasitic mite. See also Chegro.
Chiggers sometimes live in bushes
by mikeejimbo July 31, 2005
A soup made from aborted fetuses. Often includes garlic and pork, and is considered a health food in China, in that it's supposedly good for the skin and general overall health.
Normally, I buy some pork to make fetus soup
by mikeejimbo September 29, 2006
A person that worships Google
Tom Cruise should quit Scientology and become a Googlist
by mikeejimbo July 13, 2006
A nerdy metasyntactic variable, typically in place of a plural noun, but uses others.
And then you click on the, uh, stuffnthang.
by mikeejimbo July 18, 2006

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