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1. Short for "fuck."
2. A shitty grade.
1. F you.
2. OH NOS!!!! TEH F!!!!1

by dj gs68 July 24, 2003
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fuck. May or may not be capitalized.
What the F is that?
F me.
F this shit.
by ruserious March 15, 2005
1. the sixth letter of the alphabet, pronounced "eff"
2. A very very very very very bad grade, which usually prompts disciplinary actions by parents of young children.
3. the last letter in the slang acronym WTF, which is commonly used often by n00bs, or used occasionally by l33ts to indicate surprise, shock, or rejection towards something.
1. F is a letter, use it.

2. I got an F on my Physics test, looks like father is going to tie me to that tree in the front yard and flog me until i'm sunburn red.

3. WTF????!!!!!11111
by M-Bomb September 27, 2004
A test grade which will shortly be followed by the bullshit of your parents.
Johnny got an F on his math test.
by Nytesdawn October 08, 2012
The chemical symbol of the element fluorine
F is for fluorine.
by kittens Σ:3 July 01, 2014
Commonly used at the beginning of words to imply that you are extra (whatever the word is).
fatass: dude im so fungry
nice friend: wtf?
fatass: fucking hungry!
nice friend: didnt you just eat a four course meal only minutes ago?
fatass: yea but im still fungry. take me to golden corral!
nice friend: if you keep eating this much youre probably gonna fie.
fatass: wtf?
nice friend: FUCKING DIE jackass

other commonly used f words are, fored, firsty, and fired.
by StevenC. September 29, 2007
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