the letter f

heres the grades everyone wishes were true
c= crap
d= damn
f= fantastic
by flowerdklfjasldkfjsflkdj September 25, 2013
What you yell when you drive a golf ball into a forest. It has two meanings, F as in fuck and F as in forest. Also written down on score card if not playing seriously
WHACK!! no no no no nooooo F!!!!!

Looks like im writing F on the score card
by Cherrysquid July 05, 2011
a felony
"If you caught a felony, you caught a F."
-Big L, Ebonics
by John Triton October 29, 2007
No good; a sign of dissatisfaction. A general let-down. Bad. Unacceptable. Dissapointing.
"You listen to rap music? f."
by Mitsurugi March 26, 2003
The sixth letter of the alphabet, and also used in front of many words by a person who wants to stop cursing.

It is used in place of the the word "fucking."
Jane: You know Bob you can really be a fidiot sometimes.

Bob: Fidiot?

Jane: Yeah, a fucking idiot, I'm trying to stop cursing for now on.
by HesterDB August 06, 2011
An expression given when having lost the game, particularly by persons who do not like to swear.

The game may be found at :losethegame.com:
Anastatia: Aw, I just lost the game.
Nici: F! I hate you! (Out of love of course..) Hey Jo! I just lost the game!
Jo: F!
by Acwician December 15, 2008
The actual clean form of the word "Fuck". Use just like the letter F and in notes and writings as the letter F as well. Asteriks (*) can be used in the writing to differeniate between wanting to say Fuck and the letter F.
Alan: Dude, you just spilled pop all over my carpet.
Llloooll: F me, I'm sorry.
Alan: Eh, F it.
by anonymous69 January 28, 2006
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