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(noun)from the symbol meaning "Prescription" this seeks to label someone very annoying that can only be taken in small doses at set periods of time.
Boy : Let's invite Tucker he is awesome.
Girl: Oh god no, he is such an RX, besides we saw him yesturday.
by Trojan Boy November 24, 2004
seller; known as the pharmacy " rx "
they call him rx cause he sells
by an November 24, 2004
After American Records indefinitely delayed his W.E.L.T. project, former Skinny Puppy frontman Nivek Ogre teamed with longtime friend and producer Martin Atkins to mount the electronic duo Ritalin, soon renamed Rx. Their debut LP Bedside Toxicology appeared in 1998.
If you like industrial music, you will like Rx.
#nivek #ogre #skinny puppy #martin atkins #ritalin
by meat curtains October 26, 2007
Receiveing or Receive. Older term mainly used in the modem age in reference to data transactions. Opposite tx - Transmit
Yeah, I rx'ed the file today.
by samson120 June 30, 2005
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