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a word meaning, unfair, shit, fuck....a word that can be used instead of swearing and can be used infront of parents it also pisses my friend off
aww pooey thats not fair
joey: well you cant have it!! haha
gertrude: (sad face) pooey
by daeiisy November 08, 2006
Pooey is a word used to describe something that sucks. It comes from the word pooh because it's smelly and gross.
That idea was pooey because it stinks.
by notusingmyname February 17, 2009
To be full of poo and feeling like you really have to go #2.
Megan had to leave yoga early because she was feeling pooey.
by Nyx The Cat May 29, 2008
Noun. Something that stinks.
Something that is a bummer.
"I can't go out tonight, guys."
"Aww, that's a pooey."
by Flanabanana December 11, 2009
The black oily resin found in the pipe (or stem) of a bong
"Can you clean the pooey out of the bong? It's all blocked up."
by Beeminator July 29, 2004
another word for an ass
i want to shove this in your pooey
by frank schmalenpine July 31, 2008
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