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When you bum fuck a virgin so hard that it leaves a huge hole in place of her asshole
Dude I'm so exited I'm about to excavate chole's tight ass
by Ejyerpz April 08, 2015
Verb -- Any sexual situation in which you "have to dig." i.e., if she is a virgin (and you have to "hollow that shit out"), or if you are engaging in anal intercourse and the girl has a tight ass.
"I heard she was a virgin."
"Yeah dude, I was excavating for days. I hollowed that shit out tho."

"Yo you put it in the pooper?"
"Oh fersure dude, I excavated that shit"
by anonymous9878768656754 February 06, 2014
Another word for 'go' or 'leave' that makes the action sound fun, thereby inspiring in others a wish to join in.
Jo: OMG guys lets go, I'm getting sick of watching the seagulls.

Mike: Piss off I'm not done yet


Mike: SURE!
by Tougua November 10, 2009
To get as deep as you can inside someones vagina and make a digging motion with your penis...
I excavated her good last night
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
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