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Chinese for "poopoo" or "shit"
Excuse me your breath smells like jingjing.
Where is your bathroom I need to leave a jingjing.
Did you just jingjing your pants?
by nakedsnake June 13, 2013
Jewish Idiot using the offensive term of Yid and the commonly used Idiot
Hitler had a right to hate those Yidiots
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
Jedi Doug was the name of one of the jedi accademy's up and coming star pupils before he succumbed to the dark side. The dark side seduced him and turned him to what he is now, the evil and slightly more powerful, Darth The Mole. Darth The Mole has now successfully killed 63 Jedis including his old master Jedi Mark.His skills with a Saber are unrivalled and his knowledge of the force extensive. Darth The Mole is bettered only by Yoda and the emporer but is still learning the ways of the force and shall one day be the most powerful Sith Lord to ever exist.
Darth The Mole blocked Jedi Mark's low attack, flipped over his head and cut him clean in 2. And to think, he used to be that nice Jedi Doug
by NakedSnake March 06, 2005
To get as deep as you can inside someones vagina and make a digging motion with your penis...
I excavated her good last night
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
Darth The Mole is a powerful Sith Lord who's skills are only rivalled by The emporer himself. He was once known as Jedi Doug although that name now only infuriates him and has caused the death of 63 Jedis including his old master, Jedi Mark. See also Jedi Doug
Darth The Mole, Lord of the Sith
by NakedSnake March 06, 2005
Offensive term for a small gay person, derived from the JRR Tolkein book Lord of the Rings in which sam and frodo seem to become rather fond of one another...
Dwarfism + Gay bar = Hobbit
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
to have no skin whatsoever on your penis...hence making it naked....
Dude, your snake is like.....naked...
by NakedSnake March 05, 2005
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