abbreviation for the level 65 staff Evil Wings in the MMORPGMapleStory, it used to be very rare but now even yeti drop it so its npc food
nub: OMG liek i just fuond teh ew PC> 79 att ew plz
pro: rofl..npc..
by Czyrix September 05, 2006
1. Any one of a group of people who partakes in eating woodchips, swimming lopsided or turning into a cat.
2. A stinky girl whose morals become questionable when offered a pizza and a Coke.
Example one: "Hey, wanna pass me the woodchips?" - Ew
Example two: "What I would do for a pizza and a coke..." - Ew
by Mrs. Moyles September 30, 2005
When a couple is walking or doing something together, they are ewing.
Yeah, they were totally doing the ew!
by dotheew2324 November 15, 2010
an adjective added to a noun that is not physically gross but mentally gross in a person's mind.
Ew love. Girls give out love and get it smashed, chewed, and barfed back in their face.
by angie miller January 12, 2006
EW = Each-way, Term used in gambling.
An EW consists of two bets on one selection in one event. The first bet is on the selection to win and the second bet is on the selection to finish in the allotted placings i.e. second, third etc. The place terms will vary depending on the event and the place part of the bet is settled at the relevant place odds. For example, if the place terms for a race are the first three at a fifth of the odds and your selection finishes second or third, you will receive only a fifth of the full odds times your stake money as a return. A £1 each-way single has a total stake of £2.

by Maudley December 30, 2005
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