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A term used to describe Harry Potter fanfiction (see fanfiction for more detail) that disregards the epilogue at the end of the last, seventh, Harry Potter book.

It stands for "Epilogue, What Epilogue?"

In addition, the term is mostly used by slash fanfic writers who were upset at the end of the novels that there were no clearly defined homosexual pairings.
Warnings For this Fic: EWE (It does not follow the epilogue, though it may follow the plot of HP Book 7.)
by Rivka24 November 25, 2007
A term of affection used by Southern Gentlemen while courting Female California Snubs; A real panty dropper!
How are ewe?", I Love ewe!, "Ewe drive me crazy!" and "Ewe had me at ewe!
by CoolHandLuke/HappyPrincess September 01, 2010
A sheep.
Bob: I Love Ewe
Delilah: I LOVE YOU TOO!
Bob: I meant I love sheep.....
Delilah: ** Cries **
by Ilovehellokitty June 16, 2009
1. Usually placid and docile, the female of the sheep.
2. Plan B for herders in the deep bush, Kiwis, Scots, et alia.
Hey McCloud! Get off'a my ewe.
by armsnlegs May 24, 2004
Singular form of the word "sheeple". Person with no ability to make their own choices. Essentially a conformist. Also known as a lemming, follower, drone, or simply a sheep.
Ex. 1:
I saw an obvious ewe the other day headed into an Apple Store. Probably on his way to meet up with his Apple sheeple flock.

Ex. 2:
Stop copying everything I do. You're such a ewe.
by Intothemooooon October 26, 2010
Abbreviation for Empty Whore Eyes. An indication that a girl is a massive whore is the constant empty look in her eyes, as if her soul has already left.
Patrick: I'm trying to bang that girl over there tonight.

Tommy: That should be easy bro check out the E.W.E. on her. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel.
by Broseph Gordon Levitt June 06, 2011
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