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Something that seriously fucks with your brain, such as watching Fight Club every night for a week. Trust me on this.
by Brewdles April 01, 2003
The mind's eye, views the world not by light of colour, but by light of reason.
See: Bill Hicks
"Watching TV is like taking black paint to your third eye"
by Brewdles April 01, 2003
Also known as EverCrack because of it's incredibly addictive nature.
Friends don't let friends play EverCrack.
"Man committed to an asylum after paranoia attacks related to a 72-hour game of EverQuest"
by Brewdles April 01, 2003
Nation ran by an American-trained dictator. Saddam was useful for a while, but now he's becoming a thorn in Bush's side, so it's time to kill him in the name of a "war on terror"
Also the proving grounds of American military incompetence; look at how many have been killed/wounded from friendly fire.

Believe it or not Americans, but it's also one of the cradles of civilisation.
"The war is not about oil, it's about trying to run someone else's country."
by Brewdles April 01, 2003
A country that supposedly went democratic for a while back, but is currently slipping back to a similar regime that was in place before America bombed the fuck out of it. Can anyone guess why?
by Brewdles April 01, 2003
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