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2 definitions by USMC

A Massive Player to player online game.. utilizing many servers and having as many as several thousand people in one server at any given time. often put down for its out of date graphics, but can be suprisingly addictive if played. a player can do what he wants, but conequences may ensue. average Everquest player is stereotyped as a nerdy loser with nothing better to do that feel up wood elves in the forest, but in reality, just about every type of social class, every race, and every hobbiest, and gamer play this game. its just the majority of these people seem to have no life. ((everquest player for two years.. active duty UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS ))
Everquest is a very addicting and different game than most other people are used to.
by USMC February 16, 2004
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The nickname of a guy who served in the Marines. His last name was har to pronounce so the name "stiggy" was given to him because it resembled the last half of his last name.
Wheres Stiggy at? He went out to a bar and got drunk. Now hes ducke taped to a telephone pole por pendejo.
by USMC January 31, 2005
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